Virtual Reality – The future?

Image   So I am hearing more and more about this Virtual Reality, with Occulus Rift (pictured above) and the newly announced Project Morpheus getting a lot of attention in the headlines. My question to you, is it really the future of gaming? I ask this because people have tried to launch this in the past, and everytime it has flopped. This has generally been because it is far too expensive or is actually just pretty rubbish. Nintendo have taken a crack at it, with their Virtual Boy, and that was a success… I have seen some videos of Occulus Rift, including the Skyrim video, which looks fantastic, but I wonder how much the setup cost and where the hell I would put that in my living room. It seems like an awful lot of effort, even if the end result is pretty cool. Also, much like the first Eyetoy and original Kinect, developers will be reluctant to make games utilising the technology, as the actual uptake is not enough to make it profitable. Unless everyone has one, then the demand will not be high enough. Even bundling it with a console, like the Kinect with the Xbox One, is no guarantee. The Wii was a great success, because everyone had the same hardware, which meant developers could add in those features and everyone could make use of them. Saying that though, the amount of games i stopped playing because they added in gimicky “motion control” elements to the game, examples being Smackdown and Spiderman 3, both of which were just awful. So again I ask you, if you need to pay a truckload for the hardware and even after doing that, you only have a select few titles that properly utilise it and even then might not be great games in themselves. Is VR really the future of Gaming?